Weekly Online Dharma Practice Gathering with Rebecca Li

Dr. Rebecca Li started this weekly online practice gathering on March 27, 2020 to support practitioners during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The group meets weekly on Friday from 8:30-10 pm E.T.  Practitioners has also been invited to share their practice reflections during the the pandemic.  You can view the practice reflections here.  For inspiring words shared with or found by Rebecca Li, click here.  For resources compiled to support practitioners, click here.


8:30-8:50 Guided meditation

8:50-9:15 Participants check in to share the week’s experience

9:15-9:45 Dharma talk and discussion

9:45 Checkout thoughts sharing

9:55 Chanting practice

10 Closing offering

Dharma talk recordings:

3/27/2020 Allow Joy into our Heart in this Pandemic

4/3/2020 Open our Heart to our Whole Self

4/10/2020 Unconditional Kindness to Ourselves

4/17/2020 Practicing with the Unfolding “New Normal”

4/24/2020 Practicing to Suffer Better

5/1/2020 Facing Uncertainty with Chan Practice

5/8/2020 Recognizing and Learning from the Bodhisattvas around us

5/15/2020 Letting Go of Our Search for Absolute Safety

5/22/2020 Restoring Meaning to Our Lives

5/29/2020 Living Fully is the See Each Moment as Brand New

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