9/10/2018: First online Dharma course started its first week of class.  The title of this course is “Giving Rise to the Bodhi Mind.”  Course participants will practice with what they learn each week and share their experience in two online gatherings.

May 2018: Practitioners in the Chan Dharma Community responded to Dr. Rebecca Li’s invitation to share their photos and reflections on Simple Beauty in the month of May as they maintain their practice in daily life.

3/24/2018: Chan practitioners joined other Buddhists around New York City to March For Our Lives.

2/3/2018: Chan Dharma Community’s founder, Dr. Rebecca Li, addressed 200 Buddhists around New York City at Union Theological Seminary to discuss how Buddhists can be more engaged in current affairs.  Buddhist Actions Coalition was formed after the gathering and Chan Dharma Community is one of the active participants in the coalition.