Quiet Joy

As we integrate the practice into our daily life, we come into contact with moments of quiet joy.  It is the joy of allowing ourselves to just be in the simplicity of the present moment and touch the peace within us even when we find ourselves in the midst of a complicated situation or challenging project.  I have invited practitioners to share their experience of quiet joy in their daily life practice.  I was inspired to snap a couple photos on a recent hike in these moments of quiet joy.  Please enjoy!  Deep gratitude to everyone who has shared your practice!

(Rebecca Li, May 2019)

Photo by Rebecca Li
Running stream
Photo by Rebecca Li



Awareness of my feet.

My whole body relaxes.

Here, I am.

(by Allison Orsi)

The trees just outside my window bloom with white or pink flowers for less than a week in the spring. Then there are a few weeks of pale green leaves, a summer of dark green leaves, a few weeks of gold and red leaves, and a winter of bare branches. It’s a reminder for me of the emptiness of tress—but also a reminder that emptiness is not nihilistic. Rather, emptiness means everything is full of potential and possibility.

(by Beth Adelman)