Online material in support of practice during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Lion’s Roar Magazine has published a number of articles on how to practice in a pandemic.  I recommend this lovely piece by my friend and fellow Gen X Dharma teacher, Lama Willa Miller, Living in this Strange Moment Together. You will also find Take a Mindful Approach to COVID-19 very useful.

Tricycle Magazine has provided free access to articles and videos on practicing in a pandemic.

Free guided meditation with Rebecca Li.

On Dharma and Practice:

Chan Master Sheng Yen’s free books

Chan Master Sheng Yen on the difference between Bodhisattva and Buddha

An Asoka course on “The Legacy of Chan”

Articles by John Crook

Articles by Simon Child

Writings and Dharma talks by Rebecca Li

Chan Magazine

New Chan Forum

Lion’s Roar

Free Chan books online

The Bodhisattva Vows: Eight Views (Tricycle, Summer 1994)

Holmes Welch’s photos of monasteries and monastics in China in 1957

For Children:

Mindful Family–Sitting Together (the book set)

“I See You Buddha” by Josh Bartok

Educating ourselves on current social, economic and political issues:

To learn more about the Rohingya refugee crisis, visit this exhibit produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Burma’s Path to Genocide.  To find out what we can do to help, visit