Chan Dharma Community was founded in 2017 to support practitioners in their daily life Chan practice.  It is a community of Chan practitioners dedicated to the study and practice of Dharma as taught by the Buddha and generations of his disciples.  Chan Dharma Community aspires to support Chan practitioners who have attended retreats with its founder, Dr. Rebecca Li (an heir in the Dharma Drum Lineage of Chan Master Sheng Yen, transmitted through Chan Master Simon Child of Western Chan Fellowship), by hosting regular group practice sessions and offering Dharma teachings.  The regular practice sessions provide an opportunity for practitioners to support each other’s Chan practice by gathering regularly and to clarify confusions regarding their method with the teacher.  The Dharma teachings provide practitioners with an opportunity to study, examine, and apply concepts in Dharma teachings to deepen their understanding of Chan Buddhism.  Through accurate conceptual understanding and sustained practice, Chan practitioners cultivate wisdom and compassion and live a fulfilling life with integrity.  In this way, practitioners will yield the full benefits of treading the path toward complete enlightenment through the cultivation of Bodhisattva practice.

“Chan” refers to our commitment to Chan Buddhist teachings and practices as cultivated and taught by generations of teachers in our Chan lineages, Caodong and Linji, that were transmitted from India to China and then to the West by Chan Master Sheng Yen.

“Dharma” refers to our dedication to understanding the subtle meaning of and intricate connections among Dharma concepts as well as their application in our daily life, and hence integrating the Dharma into every aspect of our life.

“Community” refers to our emphasis on community-building by following democratic principles, holding each other accountable, and honoring the diversity of views, experiences, backgrounds, and strengths.

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